Royal Bank of Canada Stock Losses

Royal Bank of Canada, RBC, is a full-service Canadian broker-dealer with its U.S. headquarters located in Minnesota.


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RBC has been the subject of multiple regulatory inquiries from FINRA, the SEC, CFTC, and the former NASD, which include the following:

- The CFTC filed charges against RBC alleging that RBC engaged in wash trade scheme and withheld material information from a futures exchange.

- RBC was fined for the improper sale of reverse convertibles to retail investors

- RBC was fined by the SEC for improper use of bond proceeds

- RBC paid the SEC over $30 million to settle claims that it sold unsuitable investments to five Wisconsin school districts.

- The NASD ordered RBC to rewrite its high-yield bond sales supervisory procedures.

- RBC fined by FINRA for stock loan practices


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