Charles Schwab Stock Losses

The Charles Schwab Corporation was founded in 1971. Originally, the company was named First Commander Corporation. Two years into its existence, the company changed its name to the one it currently has: the Charles Schwab Corporation. This name came from the founder and principle stockholder of the company at the time, Charles R. Schwab. 


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In its first few years, the company operated as a standard brokerage firm as well as a publisher of an investment newsletter. In 1975, the company began to offer brokerage services at discounted prices. The Charles Schwab Corporation has grown to be one of the largest discount brokers in the world. 

Today, the corporation has over 300 branches in the United States. Additionally, there is one office in London and one in Puerto Rico. The company also provides services via telephone and the Internet. Over the years, the company has continued to expand its range of services. Currently, the corporation provides mortgages, checking and savings accounts, investment research, bond tracking and mutual funds. 

The Schwab Corporation started with a single branch location in Sacramento, California. By 1978, more than 45,000 clients had opened accounts with the company. That number nearly doubled in a year, to 84,000. This growth can be partially attributed to the informative and well-respected seminars that Schwab offered their clients. 

The company passed another landmark the following year, when they opened the first quotation service open 24 hours a day. This innovation helped them maintain their rapid growth in new accounts. By the end of 1980, Schwab had more than 147,000 client accounts. 

Growth continued to skyrocket. The company became publicly traded and joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1981. That year, the number of accounts passed 220,000. By the following year, that number had doubled yet again, to 374,000. 

More recently, the Charles Schwab Corporation has expanded through major acquisitions. The company bought U.S. Trust in 2000. Three years later, Schwab purchased the SoundView Technology Group. Due to a massive fine incurred by U.S. Trust, the company sold it in 2007 to Bank of America.

We have been contacted by a number of investors that believe that they have lost money from investing with Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab has also been the subject of multiple regulatory inquiries from FINRA and the SEC.

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