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Charles Schwab Stock Losses

The Charles Schwab Corporation was founded in 1971. Originally, the company was named First Commander Corporation. Two years into its existence, the company changed its name to the one it currently has: the Charles Schwab Corporation. This name came from the founder and principle stockholder of the company at the time, Charles R. Schwab. 

5 Reasons Investors Should Think Twice About Owning Bond Funds

Kyros Law Offices represents investors that have suffered losses due to broker misconduct. Beyond helping investors recover from investment losses, Kyros Law Offices also tries to warn investors of potential harm before it occurs. One area for potential investment losses involves bond fund investments. Here are five reasons why investors should think twice about owning bond funds:


1.     Interest rate risk

2.     Credit risk

3.     Redemption risk

4.     Ongoing management fees

5.     Uncertainty regarding what bonds or debt the fund owns.


If you have suffered losses of $100,000 or more in your bond fund investments, please call one of our securities attorneys to discuss your rights. 1-800-934-2921

Unregistered Brokers or Securities

Brokers and securities alike must be registered.

First, any person selling securities or professionally advising about securities must be registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) or provide proof of exemption from registration. If you’ve purchased securities from a person who did not take registration provisions, then you may have a right to rescind the transaction and/or hold the individual liable for damages.

Second, you may have legal rights against your broker and investment firm if you were sold unregistered securities. Stocks are sometimes legally issued to boards of directors or other investors even before they’ve been registered with the SEC. However, most stocks must be registered before they’re exchanged. The sale of unregistered securities is a felony.

Lost money due to unregistered brokers or securities?

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